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Short pickling time (minutes or seconds) increases productivity and profitability.

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Reduction of air pollution, water pollution, waste, energy and water consumption.

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Use electrochemical potential to pick without toxic substances.


What is Dalcor Engineering?

Dalcor Engineering is pure innovation Made in Italy. Find out more about our story.

Dalcor Engineering is an innovative startup was born in 2018 of technical experience in stainless steel tube and pipe production and pickling. Dalcor with knowledge, skills, innovation launches E-Pick process worldwide. E-pick “Green” process guarantees higher productivity and profitability.

Dalcor Engineering can help you reduce by 80% the time and money you spend for pickling. At the same time our technology guarantees a more sustainable and ecological process.

Dalcor Engineering helps different stakeholders in the pickling ecosystem.

Stainless Steel Producers with stainless steel rods and other. Stainless Steel Processors with stainless steel welding as welded pipes and other. Stainless Steel Users with stainless steel ionic pumps and other.

Our technology ensures to all these stakeholders innovative solutions and disruptive results.

Say "NO!" to High pickling time (hours or days) and low productivity and profitability.

We are compliant with Risk management Hazardous substances and industrial risks ref. 2012/18/UE (Seveso III).

We reduce air, water pollution, hazardous waste and energy consumption.


Why are we different?

Dalcor Engineering offers a disruptive service and technology, different from all the other players in the market.


Environmental protection means health protection.


Satin finishing such as chemical process and higher passivation quality.


Applicable to complicated geometries and small and big component.

Total Pickled

Final process: Pickled and passivation in one stage.

Various alloys

Applicable to all stainless steels family and other special alloys.


Qualified experience in all pickling processes. Excellent customer service.


Meet our technology: e-pick

e-pick is our disruptive pickling technology: reliable, fast, green. Dalcor Engineering mains at making e-pick the new standard for pickling worldwide.

Trans-passivation zone

Reduces pickling time more than 80% in the application studied so far. No use of toxic substances

Properties of the surface

Finishing comparable with a typical chemical process. Better passivation layer thanks to the great generation of O2 near the surface during the treatment.

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Contact Dalcor Engineering Team

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