Electrochemical and industrial machines

We develop a series of high-tech industrial and mechanical plants/systems. Some examples below, but we are always able to offer custom developments for all needs

Continuous chrome plating systems

Automatic systems composed of loading paving, feeding clamps, galvanic area, extraction clamps and unloading paving. Final product quality, reduction of environmental impact, safety for operators are the main characteristics of an automatic chrome plating system. These are completely automatic systems and can be monitored by a single operator, who will simply have to set the process parameters and load and unload the bars from the layers. The software also helps the operator in choosing the parameters by automatically calculating the thickness of chrome deposited and the productivity of the system itself based on the parameters themselves. The system can be sized according to the products to be treated in 2 main typologies:

  1. Continuous bar chrome plating plant with 2 parallel lines (TALOS)
  2. Continuous bar chrome plating plant with 4 parallel lines (PHILON)
TALOS: Vista laterale impianto durante l’assemblaggio
TALOS: Vista linee durante l’assemblaggio
TALOS: Rendering impianto a 2 linee
PHILON: Rendering impianto a 4 linee parallele

E-PICK electro-pickling systems

Systems for the electropickling of stainless steel and special alloy pipes. In these systems, “E-Pick” technology is used which allows the user to drastically reduce the environmental impact and the dangers for the operators who manage the system. In fact, the system does not use toxic substances as in traditional pickling and reduces the risks associated with the use of hydrofluoric acid. Process times are reduced by over 80% and allows energy savings of over 40%. Dalcor Engineering, thanks to its know-how, has developed a system technology that allows automatic loading/unloading of the system. The systems are composed of a loading area, tooling area, process area, washing area and unloading area.

The E-Pick process, being electrolytic, has the advantage of being selective and can be applied only in the indispensable areas of the product (e.g. internal wall of clad tubes).

Impianto di elettrodecapaggio per tubi in acciaio inox e leghe speciali
E-Pick applicato in modo selettivo

Pipe welding systems

Dalcor Engineering designs and manufactures beams for the welding protection of pipes, the length can vary from 3m to 16m. This allows you to create a protective atmosphere during the longitudinal welding of the pipe. They are custom systems developed based on customer needs. In Fig. 7 you can see 16m beams with 2 protection units (shoes) adjustable in height with 300mm of excursion, suitable for the welding process of pipes with Ø between 168mm and 2032mm and with lengths between 3 and 12m.

Travi per la protezione della saldatura

Automatic systems for polymer deposition

For drawing processes, there is an ever-increasing need to convert old phosphating processes with modern nanopolymer technologies, which allow the same degree of lubrication that was obtained with old technologies to be obtained. However, in this case the customer can drastically reduce the energy requirement and reduce the costs related to the purification and management of waste related to the phosphating process. In the figure you can see a layout of a robotic process for polymer deposition on components intended for deep drawing.

Impianto per la deposizione polimerica