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Steel on Stage

Dalcor Engineering was selected among the 10 most innovative startups and SMEs in Italy for innovations in the steel industry.

This is why it took part in the Made in Steel 2019, the main South European Conference Exhibition dedicated to the steel industry, which was held in Milan on 14/15 May 2019. Dalcor had the opportunity to exhibit its technology in the Steel on stage event. The title of this edition was STEEL HUMAN – sustainability and innovation.

Dalcor has received various awards and media coverage for the event, confirming the revolutionary and innovative approach of our company.

Oltre l’industria 4.0

On October 16th Dalcor Engineering took part in the conference “Oltre l’industria 4.0” (“beyond the 4.0 industry”) held in Villa Valmarana Morosini in Altavilla Vicentina.

Participation in the conference was of fundamental importance to fully understand the issues of tax relief and above all optimization of the production cycle for our customers. In fact, as specified by the speakers, these tools made available to companies by the state must be an incentive not only from the tax point but primarily from the technological point of view to achieve greater efficiency of the production cycle. In particular, as pointed out by Mario Nardi, CEO of Pietro Fiorentini SpA, these highly technological plants and machinery must be introduced in a well-structured production cycle that allows maximum exploitation of speed and high efficiency and that this is not to the detriment of a rapid increase in waste and costs.
For this reason, in some cases, it may be more convenient to replace a piece of obsolete machinery with a piece of new generation machinery (super amortization) and in others instead, buy a more complex next-generation plant/machinery that meets the requirements for hyper-depreciation.

We believe that it is essential to know these issues in depth in order to support customers in the purchase of technologically innovative plants both from a tax point of view and logistics/production, for this, we thank Studio Promotions for the opportunity to increase our skills in this area.

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