Robot Skill

The partnership with Sertechelettronica S.r.l. created Robot Skill, a commercial joint venture for the sale of robotic systems related to the packaging and palletising sector

Box sorter and conveyor

This is a conveyor that allows, thanks to the variation of speed and a conveyor, to arrange the boxes sequentially and arrange them in a single row starting from the initial 4

Convogliatore per scatole alimentari

Meat packaging and product management

This is a machine designed to bag large meats (hams, speck, etc.). This system involves packing, preparing the bag and transporting it on a belt that feeds a station to carry out vacuum sealing.

Linea per l’imbustamento di carne

Palletization of bicycle boxes

Development of a gripper for palletizing bicycles

Palletizzatore per scatole di biciclette